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Disadvantages of not reading books

Disadvantages of not to readings books

You always hear about benefits of reading books but here I am going to talk about disadvantages of not reading books .yes we think that book reading can be chosen or be a good habit but I want to tell you, friends, that it’s not about good habit or choice. You can have disadvantages of not reading books .how look below
1 Lack of right knowledge
Yes, my friends if you are a person who is not interested in reading books than probably you are missing some important
Knowledge about your career, life etc.
Book gives us all the necessary information which is directly related to our problems.
If you are a businessman you can get more useful information for your success.
2.low understanding and problems solving ability
Here are the second disadvantages of not reading a book. Books are increased your understanding and problems solving ability. With the growing age, our brains naturally grow for solving and understanding problems but if we read books than this ability increases more.
3.waste our free time
If you are free and waste your time in a phone to get entertainment than you get to heart your eyes instead of this you can read comics and fiction story books than you can protect your eye and get free entertain.

If you are more active in social media and mass media for getting day to day information than your chance is increased to get in depression .instead of this you can read motivational books of successful people.
4.disconnectivity with the culture
In modern days we have very Little things which connect us with our culture and god. Books help us to keep closer to God and peace. We can read holy books and get peace and feel the connection with God.
5.lack of knowledge of other languages
If we are in such types of businesses where we have to communicate with other cities or countries and we don’t know their languages perfectly we have to face many problems in our business .so here you can get help with language books.

  • So after knowing the disadvantages of not to reading books I hope you would understand that reading books is not our choice it is our necessity


hey, I am nadani .love writing new things and a bollywood fan.follow celebrity Instagram regularly.

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